Some questions about game engines and their capabilities

So I continue to dip my toe in the pool of game engines, and I’m curious to know which game engines have the following capabilities, out of the FOSS ones - and I’d like the one I choose to be easy to use as well! :slight_smile: :

Can it handle changing textures? ie. say there’s a house in my world which is brown, and if it’s shot at, I’d like the house to turn black (the WHOLE house) - is this possible?

Are there any engines which can do FIRE and RAIN in the game world?

I’d also like the WORLD to change WHILE the player is playing - for example, it has to get larger or more scenery has to be added, like houses - is this possible?

Also - CHARACTERS’ textures: an alien could be green in colour, and depending on certain game events, could change to blue! - possible?

So - pretty tall orders I know :slight_smile: Doesn’t make me any less curious about the engines. Anyone know? :slight_smile:


Depends how you want it but yes everything is possible.

if you talk agout game engines, unity, UDK, cry engine can do this with no problem.
if you talk about game engine, i believe BGE and UPBGE can also do this ^^

but aside an engine capability lies its performances and depending on what you wanna do, it can lead you to one or other…

summing it up in engines you can do whatever you want… the big deal is: ‘at what speed you want this to be done’ :stuck_out_tongue: and the second big deal is: ‘with what rendering quality’…

For argument’s sake, let’s say photoreal @ 24 fps…


Picking up an engine means learning new software, getting used to the interface, learning shortcuts, googling out random crashes which leads to reading through forum posts from forever ago when someone else had the exact same problem and pray there is a solution somewhere.

That aside, on what is simpler for begginers – cryengine uses Lua which is usually referred to as a great first programming language, but no idea about that, my first languages were C, C++ and COBOL, god have mercy on my soul. Then UPBGE or the standard Blender Game Engine can do a whole bunch of stuff and use python, which is also supposedly a good first language.

Finally, searching for “begginer game engine” makes google spit out Unity and Godot. I don’t totally agree with this view, but there it is.

I’m not a beginner to programming. Doesn’t mean I object to easy-to-use software :smile:


all of the questions you asked; yes they are possible and relatively easy to do. To answer shortly, anything you want done in the blender game engine can be done if you are good enough at coding.

other more popular engines have a lot more tools to use to make more things possible but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same thing in the BGE. it just takes more work

uhm unplayable it is.

Games should run at 60 FPS, with the absolute minimum of 30 fps.

so you know python?

Nope, not Python.

Is there a REASON more work is preferable, if less work achieves the same RESULT? :slight_smile:

There ya go, don’t assume it’s easy like baking bread, if you don’t know what ingredients to use.

on the other side, some basics in programming is already a good start, and while python is one of the easiest languages to learn, you should do fine (i guess)

but don’t say you know how to program while you don’t know the language.

why don’t you sleep on your couch? isn’t that way easier then going to your bedroom?
Do it your self will learn you quite a few things/tricks, that can be used again in an other project.

I think you’re assuming that I’m talking only about UPBGE or whatever here, which I am Not - I wanted to know which engine to use. Armory and Godot use other languages inside them, AFAIK.

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I like the BGE because it makes me think more. I like more to problem solve and have fun making things rather than making good completed games

Yet you wonder if basic features are even possible.


Er yes - I’m totally new to game engines.

No need to attack me, is there?

at the end of the day, you just have get down and try them all for yourself.

no one here can tell you if you are going to enjoy working with the software, regardless of its fancy features.

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so you are asking only for a free software engine?

different engines different methods. in unity you change the entire object, in bge you change the mesh, in other engines you change the texture.
you should tell what you want to do with the engine for us to help you, not list a bunch of random features. like, you want a 3d or 2d game? only pc or also other platforms? RPG, FPS, platform, puzzle, action? system requirements? you want shaders?

it’s called particle effects, they have more than 30 years and they either come as part of the engine, or can be made as objects in your own system. bad question.

it can be done, but you must have knowledge of data storage and retrieval and/or random generation. you must be a coder or learn some advanced coding/mathematical topics. not even unity is going to do it for you. some engines might have a method for loading precreated maps as the position of a bunch of assets, i don’t know of any FOSS engine that does this, the only engine i know does this is the one used by bethesda in skyrim and fallout, which is proprietary.

same as with the house. these are problems that you have to worry about after you get some basic game done, with loading, saving, map restart, gameplay and map loading. you have to make a minimum viable project first to test you game, and then start refining it and adding details and features.

the only engines capable of that are unreal4 and cry, and FOSS only ID TECH 5. no single person makes a photorealistic game, no team smaller than a few hundred makes a photorealistic game. you have to be a company with tens of thousands of dollars to do it, you need EXPERT modelers and animators, mocap suits, cameras, offices, a team of coders, concept artists, level designers, etc. don’t try it, follow the advice given by EVERYONE, and make an stylized small game, or one with the graphical quality of a few years ago (older generations, lower poly, lower detail, easier to make). you will FAIL otherwise.

tell us what language you know?

i don’t like some implementations, coding it myself gives me the freedom to do it my way, simplify, do something i understand, not have to learn a new tool with its hours long tutorial and specialized addons, and increase performance (if my tool does one thing and nothing else, while the professional one does a lot of things very shallowly).

Your asking in a BGE forum about other game engines, when this thread shouldn’t even be placed here.

It’s not an attack. The way you pose your questions implies inexperience; if you want a response geared towards whatever level you’re at then you’ll have to clarify your background beforehand.
Else you’re just wasting people’s time.

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