Some questions about membership and lectures

hey, I wanted to get into 3D Character design and Animation for a game that I’m working on with a friend.
I want to learn how to model realistic characters so I’m thinking of watching this course but the difficulty level on it is advanced so will i be able to follow it? I’m able to model low poly characters and I started off with and but I don’t know if i’m ready for the advanced stuff yet.

also will i be able to cancel the membership after I finish the course or do I need to keep it for like an year or something? and if someone has some better tutorials/courses please send me a link so i can take a look.

Just as i was about to post this, I checked out the about page in the course and it said that i required some knowledge of the basics which were listed there.
can someone tell me if these courses listed in the flows page are good? I watched free ones on youtube and some turns out to be teaching wrong or outdated stuff so i just want to make sure that these 2 series and are teaching the up to date and the proper techniques.

Thank you

That course is indeed a bit on the advanced side (i got about halfway through), you need some knowledge about anatomy and sculpting if you want good end results.

Subscription auto renews every 30 days of when you subscribed and not monthly, if you only want to be subscribed for only 30 days then you can just cancel your subscription from your profile and you will still get the remaining days.

I would say, go with the pro subscription option (the one that allows you to download files), and spend the last 5 days or so of your subscription to download as many of the tutorials as you can. It will allow you to watch them on your PC when your subscription has expired.

Do they let you keep the downloaded videos after u cancel your subscription? It feels like stealing lol, and the tutorials seems worth a lot more than £16 or £20

Do they let you keep the videos even after your subscription expires if you download them? I read that you have to use one of their software to watch it which you can’t use after your subscription expires, not sure about this though.
kind of feel like its stealing, the videos are a lot more worth than the £20 subscription.

also what do you mean anatomy? I know about sculpting but not real life sculpting, I mean in blender.

Yes, you can keep them and no special software is needed (they run on the default windows media player for me). I do think they are worth more than the subscription cost but it keeps me coming back for more since new tutorials are added all the time.

The realistic character tutorial relies heavily on sculpting (blenders sculpting tools), understanding anatomy is basically understanding the shape and structure of a body (in the tutorials case, the human body). The tutorial author does explain what he’s doing very well but there are timelapse parts where you have to rely on your own knowledge of the human body as the author just speeds up the video as he sculpts some parts.

Still well worth watching but i suggest you do the “introduction to character modeling in blender” first.

NOOOOOOoooo, they removed that membership, its not billed yearly for you to download the videos ;(
Its now £200 which i can’t afford

Ouch, you can still download the videos with addons for some browsers that save videos as files. More time consuming since you will have to do each video one at a time or have each one open in a different tab.

They probably did it since some users would only subscribe for 2-3 months a year and just download all the new tutorials they are missing en mass. They could have solved it better like breaking up tutorials in 3 parts and releasing 1 part every month to keep a steady flow on contend thus giving users a reason to subscribe monthly instead of forcing you to subscribe yearly for video downloads.