Some questions, about selling 3D models

Hello, I just have a few questions, about selling 3D models. For example, do you also have to know, how to work with maya and 3d’s max, so you can export your models correctly with uv unwraps, textures and everything?
What “area” should you specify on, and which models sell the best. And is it worth all the work?, because with all that competition it is hard to imagine, that you can sell something at all. How should you start? is it better, so make many small models or a few big models? And what advice, would you give to a new seller in general?
Thanks for reading, i would appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

Sounds to me like you’re approaching this purely from a money making standpoint. Is it worth the work? That’s down to you really and if you actually enjoy modelling. I doubt you’re going to become a millionaire, but, like most work done off your own back, you get out what you put in.

My best advice is to just give it a try and learn as you go.

Thanks for your reply. Money is not the only reason for me to sell 3D models, but is of course a motivation. I think it would also encourage you to create more things, and improve your skills.
But at the moment I am trying to find out, where I could sell the models. Because I am living in the EU, it seems that I can’t sell anything on turbosquid, because they are in the US. Are there any european sites? Or does anyone have a solution to this problem?

You can sell from the EU by getting a US tax number, does explain it how in their help section:
You basicly fill out a formular, send it to the IRS and you get a foreight tax nummer wich you have to enter in your payment info of the site you want to sell. It should be the same for turbosquid.

About what to model: I don’t know, I normaly model what I think its interesting to make and upload it.

About the usage with other software: exportin it to OBJ format keeps basic material settings (also multible materials on one mesh) and UV’s. You dont need to know or own Maya, 3ds max, etc.

My advice:

Make lots of good models. (Selling is ALWAYS a numbers thing. ALWAYS!)
See what people are buying? (What’s trending right now?)
Investigate others that are doing the same thing. (What are they doing?)
Price yourself correctly.
and last,

And if you want to do this for a living then quit your day job and get a meaningless job where you can pay the bills then turn it off the second you walk out the door and dedicate yourself to selling your models.

My advice is try to use search data to find out what models people want, but aren’t as available. Everyone makes cars… but if you do research you can maybe find out what people REALLY need.

But don’t expect to make a lot of money. There is a ton of competition out there. I would guess it will take years of work to build up enough business to make a living at it. But of course, it will get easier as you go along.

There are other sites, such as . I have a profile there and have a whopping $1.50 in sales on one model that I only uploaded in obj and blend formats. As for location, I guess paypal could take care of currency exchange.

Hello everybody Thanks for your replys :).

OscarM: Thanks for your advice. I also read it on the 3D studio site, and I found it easier to understand, and better explained. I will fill out, and send off the formulas soon :slight_smile:

place57: Thanks for your tips, I will use your advice. I don’t want to make selling 3D for a living, just for a little extra money, and to gain some more experience :).

Kemmler: Thanks. I will try to use search data, and research some more. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

see360: thanks for the link, I will look in to it!