Some questions about studying 3D and animation

Hello i have some questions about jobs in the area 3D and animation.

If I worked for example as a modeller in a 3D studio what would I have to study? When I go to this site (
I can see the title of the site is 3D animation, and when I read the text i can see that modelling etc. is part of the course curriculum. But when i go to this site ( I can only see animation as part of the curriculum. Now, is the program from the sceond site similar to the first one? What I mean is, is Modelling, Texturing etc. also involved?

If this is not the case does anyone else know a University or a College in the Uk which comprehensively covers all aspects of animation as outlined in the first website ie similar to that in the mediadesingschool course.

no answers ): ?

Should have been posted in “Blender and CG discussions”. You are likely to get some response there.

I haven’t done animation yet so I can’t answer your question.

Ah ok thanks

Isn’t that kind of like saying … “I want to become a plumber. Should I learn how to use a wrench, or a …?”

I’ve never wanted to set foot professionally in a Hollywood-style animation studio. A few visits to taught me that lesson very quickly. Everyone seems to be an über-specialist who gets to do one thing all day and it appears to be an excruciating grind. (For every creative Walt Disney, there seem to be a thousand folks who are applying a blot of rogue to Snow White’s cheeks across thousands upon thousands of pieces of celluloid, while worrying that, if they don’t do so quite fast enough, they’d be among the next group of people that “the creative Walt Disney” laid-off once a week during the Great Depression.)