some questions about texturing a human face

i have a human face. i want to texture it.
ok, now that the obvious stuff it out of the way, let’s move on the the details.
I’ve got a bump map and col map. i can do the col map by going to the UV/image editor, aligning it with the unwrapped mesh and clicking texface. however, how do you put on the bump map? i’ve tried adding it as a procedural texture and clicking uv, but it doesn’t work. i’m not sure what name to put in the UV: in the material settings. can somebody please run me through the steps on adding a bump map to an unwrapped mesh?

cheers :slight_smile:

EDIT: also, where do you guys go to get your face front and side views for making texture maps?


using “texFace” will not work with bump-maps. It’s a cheap hack that bypasses the whole texture stack (not what you want).

Add a new texture instead, set Map Input to UV, set Map To to NOR and in the Texture buttons, make it an image texture and load the correct file. Click NOR again if the bumps point into the wrong direction, there’s a slider to control strength. You only need to specify the name of the UV-layout if you have several ones.


Actually, texface is a necessary tool for working on texture painting inside blender with blender’s paint tools - necessary in the fact that you don’t need to load the image you are creating into the texture channels just yet. I agree it isn’t the place for a finished texture, but when previewing a texture that is in process in the image editor, I find it useful to render pictures out to check what my output looks like with the environment I’m working in.

Bartleby is spot on with the bump not working until you load it in the texture channels - the bump settings are only there anyway :slight_smile:

Well, that was helpful. What would happen if you made a colored image and set it as NOR ?

Well, that was helpful. What would happen if you made a colored image and set it as NOR ?:

Try it??

It will act as a normal map, somehow uses the color brightness, or internally converts it to black/White. it works… but you get the best results from a manually made nor map