Some questions about the Blender module..

Is there a way to use the Blender module in blender? (standalone or via blenderplayer) I’ve read some old post about that and they say we cannot use it, but in some scripts in the yofrankie game I see that they use the Blender module.

One of the solutions given to me to use the Blender module is to use the blenderplayer.exe but it didn’t work. :confused:

Any idea or comment would be apreciated :slight_smile:

As far as I know the blender module is not ther when running as runtime.
Some blenderheads reported they used the blender module (with Blender) but changes where applied after the GE stopped.
I think that is because the GE converts the blender data at startup/loading. So any changes to the blender data will not be present while the GE is running as the GE is using the converted data.

I haven’t looked at youfrankie, maybe there was a change.

I can confirm that.

The list of available modules at runtime can be found here: Link

It’s not really such a big deal, now that the Mathutils module is available. The only reason I can think of for using the Blender module was vector math, and fancy mesh deformation functions.

Well, regardless, all I need now is reinstancePhysicsMesh() to work properly, and then I’ll be happy. :smiley:

PS: Is that still planned for 2.5?