Some questions before learning geometry nodes

Hi All,

I work in the events industry designing temporary architecture for trade shows.
We build timber platforms to use as a base for the architecure.
This base is carpeted and egded with aluminium strips (see attached rough sketch).

So questions.
For simplicity’s sake, say I have a rectangle, y=50mm, z=50mm and x= 2m, each end along the length (x) is cut at a 45 deg angle.
Can I use geometry nodes to increase the value of x ( lenght of an object) but not effecting the cut angle of each ends.
what happens to uv mapping when you use geometry nodes to alter a length of an item, can this be keeped constant.
Based on what I’m trying to achieve, do you recommend any tutorials.
Hope this all makes sense.

Many Thanks in advance for any help.

I can at least answer that question in the affirmative:

But you can achieve the same effect with a simple displace modifier:

geoneodes_cut_beams.blend (134.2 KB)

Thank you very much, I can’t yo get back home and play with this😀

This exactly what I wanted to achieve, Thank you very much.
I changed a few of the values, so I scale the “Beam Length” value to 1 = 1m
This is the first time I’ve experienced / seen a geometry node set up and so now I’m in the usual position of having the required result / formula, but do not know why it does what it does.
Would recommend any tutorials that would help me understand what each node does and the use of disp, group, float etc values?
BTW uv mapping seems to work fine as well.
Many Thanks

my Beam.blend (148.1 KB)

You might also want to look at Sverchok and Animation Nodes.

Maybe start here:

(not a complete overview, but I think it covers the basics)

Fab, thank you

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