Some questions...

(VanPelt) #1

I need some help with my CR32 (

  1. The texture shows up in both sides of the surface. Is there any way to prevent that or should I make some sort of “tub” around the pilot’s seat to cover the texture?

  2. How do I animate the propeller? I made a test, rotating it some thousand degrees in the last keyframe, but when I play the anim, the propeller doesn’t rotate around one single axis.


(VelikM) #2

For 2 make the prop the child of the plane then make it track the plane. Select the prop, select the plane, Ctrl-P make parent, Ctrl-T make track, that makes the prop move with the plane. To animate start with the prop, frame 1, set rotation I-key->Rot, last frame, N-key set the total deg’s in the correct axis of rotation, I-key->Rot, then go back and fly your airplane where ever you want. It may take some tweaking :slight_smile:

(overextrude) #3

With respect to your first question, have you tried turning off the “Doublesided” option in the Edit Buttons?

(S68) #4

Question 1

You should anyway model the interior of the plane! At least the cockpit, this will add realism to the model!

Question 2

Already been aswered. parent propeller to plane, set propeller to spin, it will follow the plane :slight_smile:



(haunt_house) #5

Hi Hasse

You can also rotate the propeller with extrapolation. On your first frame, set a rot-key. Go up some frames, rotate the prop 90 degrees and set another key. now split your window and go to the IPO window. Remove the unnecessary curves of the prop and select the rot-curve. there is a button with an arrow pointing to the upper right corner called extrapolation. Press it and your propeller should turn infinitely.