Some questions...

(xintoc) #1
  1. Why does my model scale down when I rotate the armature in Crtl+Tab
    mode? What do I have to do? could someone give me a simple armature
  2. In realtime, when you jump and you land down, the model starts to
    bounce, How to stop the bounceing?
    3.How to make Sniper zoom mode like in halloween19?

(gargola) #2

for the first.maybe it was the same problem i had a while ago…try pressing ctrl+A on the model before rotating. the other 2 i’m not sure…but for the second,you should try adding a material (to the model,i guess it doesn’t work for armatures).and in the material window press the button that says “DYN”.if it doesn’t work,on the damp button(dynamic buttons)place a higher number.i hope that helps! :smiley:

(saluk) #3

No, you need to ad a material to the ground, not the model. The default material settings are full bouncy, so make the material no bouncy, or some bouncy or whatever you want:) Just make sure the ground has a material.
Select ground
Go to material window
Make new material
Click on Dyn
The restitution slider is how bouncy it is.

(xintoc) #4

Thanks, I’m at my school now, when I get home I will try that shit out!
:stuck_out_tongue: 8)

(xintoc) #5
What’s wrong!

(doogs) #6

Ohhh i had that problem.

What is wrong is that you have the same vertices in same vertex groups for different bones.


top 4 vertices are assigned to top bone

AND the middle bone

try to fix.

(xintoc) #7

Man, you are a genius. super thatnks it worked…


(xintoc) #8

:stuck_out_tongue: Hey, I have another question, How to make the object fall down
quicklier?(From a roof top, the object falls down too slow).

Oh and btw, someone please anwser to my third question… :frowning:

(lizard809) #9

turn up gravity in the world buttons or have a motion logic brick hooked up with a constant downforce. for the sniper view set up an ipo on the camera where the “Lens” changes then play the ipo during rhe game

(gargola) #10

the material thing works either if you apply it to the model or to the floor,well,at least for me :wink: :smiley:

(xintoc) #11

Thanks to these anwsers i was abled to make this game(beta&no dwnload