Some Questions !!

hello i’m Aladdin 17 years old from Morocco
i intend to go to America after I finish high-school and there’s two thinks that i’de like to study
1_3D design (blender at first place then maya,3dmax,…)
2_computer science doesn’t matter in this thread)
that said, i’de like to know somethings first:
A_The ideal computer station for me to use (what kind of CPU & GPU, RAM… and it should be a reasonable price)
B_Info about the components of 3d softwares
C_Some lessons (it’ll be great if they were videos) about 3d Design in general and about blender 2.73, i have some basic knowledge in blender but i need to learn the theory first then get down to it for real

i hope you can help me guys

No one can answer A without an idea of what you mean by “reasonable price” because everyone has different amounts of money, and what is “reasonable” is relative.

The most I can say without more information is that you should consider what you want to do with the software, render animation clips and still images, or run physics simulations and create assets (models, rigs, textures, character animations) Your specific needs impact what hardware you should spend more money on.

Videos about blender can be found on websites like Youtube, and Vimeo, and in many languages (most are in English)
When searching for tutorials, use words like “introduction” and “beginner” I’m looking for some good examples now, but I hope others will post some too. It’s better to have Blender open infront of you while you read instructions or watch a video.

here are some recommendations from the blender foundation: