some really odd artwork

Angela sent me this link tonight,

Some really odd stuff, and some disturbing, yet somehow beautiful.

Wow those are beautiful!

The artist is very talented, definitely worth your time. I particularly like “The Mermaid”. (kid safe, no nudity)

Warning to the Sensitive: there is some nudity and bizarre things in some of this artwork, so if you’re sensitive to things like that then don’t click the link or you may be offended.

Nice stuff, definitely a gifted artist.

I like ‘specimen’
Its kinda disturbing, but I find images like these as a inspiration/motivation sometimes.

Its already given me ideas for an upcoming project. :cool:

the last one is just weird…but these are really good and nice…makes me feel at home for some reason…lol

That’s great stuff!
Thanks for the link!

i liked leda and the swan…definitely got a chuckle outta me.