Some Really Simple But Fun Textures

All it is is marble textures…

Nice, looks like some alien slime jelly to me! Mmmm eat up kids!

post da blend! :smiley: nice textures!

um… why do u want the .blend… it takes ten seconds to duplicate…

i hate it when people make stupid threads about things that are and have been in blender for quite a while. make something, instead of just showing a texture. id rather see a ball on a marble floor…

:frowning: sorry…i’m not very good with blender and i have not been able to get the hand of it pretty quickly so when i saw this i thought it was kinda’ cool…

it is very cool! but i think u should make something out of it, its okay, when i was new i did the same stuff… wait… im still new to blender… :slight_smile:

sorry about any harshness, im going thru a hardtime, lol


Call the schoolmaster!

Thats a big fork (scratches head). Theres your nice jello mold full of alien slime jelly/pudding/jello.

Eat up boiz and gals, or I’ll call the schoolmaster back!

Does anyone even get it? The Wall? Pink Floyd anyone?

LOL, i love that song/movie/band, as a matter of fact, i have that CD within 20 feet of me right now :smiley:

I have it on media player lol. Yeah Pink Floyd’s awesome.

Here’s a render that was from another post of mine…