some really very evil guy.

(stukkm) #1

this is just the kinda helmet/mask that he’ll be wearing, i still need to make the evil zombie kinda undead head. that’ll be the first head i’ve ever made in blender (well, not really but i plan on this one being the first one i make that isn’t total crap).

btw, this is a very early WIP, just wanted to let you guys see what i’m starting on. the finished one will probably be for on the haunt (just cause he’s so damn scary :o )

though i must admit (just in case somebody watches yugioh and sees any similarity) this skull kinda reminds me of the summoned skull card from yugioh so chances are i’m sub consciously copying it :wink:

(S68) #2

Nice model,

simple but frightening :slight_smile:


(speedmaster) #3

pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue:

(Idgas) #4

looks good nice texture kinda reminds me of the movie mask only mean. :x

(Jamesk) #5

Cool looking model! :slight_smile: I assume you’ll give it some decent UV-mapping further down the road. The tex is very stretchy now.

(bmax) #6

really cool! but what the hell is it? :smiley:

(stukkm) #7

just a mask for some evil guy i’m making. yeah, i’ll probably use uv mapping… just have to learn it first (i’ve never found a use for it before). i’m trying to make the face for the villain now because i feel that even though the mask covers most of the face it’d look dumb if i only made the parts you see :wink: and i should learn to make a head anyways. but i’m having lots of trouble so this may take a while.