Some Recent Client Work

Thoughts/crits encouraged.

The bottom picture is my favorite, and I love the textures on the cups

Thanks! They make etched glassware. Really cool stuff.

Very nice!! is the hot one liqueur coffee(just to be curious,baileys?) looks a little weak/dark maybe? but perfectly feasible;) Love the foam:D

Отлично !!! Excellent !!!

I love it - looks like something Captain Picard would have in his ready room.

Thanks! The foam took a long time to get right. The “Baileys” one is actually still in progress, but the modeling is done. Going to eventually be cappuccino once I get the shader right and add a foam design on top.

Thank you Maximus!

The foam on the beer is really good as is the etching effect.

Thanks! The foam took forever. Shot myself and lots of Photoshop work to get them to work right.