Some Recent Practice Work!

This is some of my recent practice work. Please tell me what you think, C&C Welcome!

First Up Is this Pig:
14 Mins Modeling
2 Mins Material
1 Min Render


Next Is this Table:
8 Mins Modeling
Under 1 Min Render


Finally Is this Elf House:

Im gonna contiune work on this elf house and make a very nice scene with it. Im just itching to use some fog, smoke and some lighting effects!

18 Min Modeling
32 Mins For Cleaning Up/Making the verts and faces clean
Under 1 Min Render


Hope you enjoyed those.

Obviously it’s practice, BUT, not too interested in how long you didn’t spend on it, or how long it didn’t take you to render. Those just show, as others have said, how little you really put into any of these. All my WIPs in my link in my sig are practice models for when I really have an idea. And I have over 20 hours on some of them.

Having said that, I would turn up your AO to 10 and up the Bias a bit to avoid that banding issue some people get. Also select “both” instead of just “add”, gives a nicer shadow. I’d actually like to see you continue on these and see where they go. The table and house seem to fit together, maybe do a cottege scene. Or, even better, a little “Three little pigs” animation using all of these models.

2cents :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ya i was thinking of making the house a sorta fantasy scene but the 3 lil pig scene sounds sorta cool too!

how did you do the pig?

Did you use booleans? Or did you just intrude (extrude to a negative scale?) a face.

For the pig i just start off with a cube, then i subdiv smooth and extrude and move the verts around until im happy. Mostly just Subdiv modeling.

And then for render i have catmull clark on like 4

did you add edges to the pig, it looks like there is a red line all around it, or is that jus tthe lighting on it?

Its a lil glow effect i achived.