Some recent renders

I haven’t been on this forum since I discovered IRC some few months ago, so I thought I’d update you guys on some recent renders I’ve done.

Gimli’s Helm

High Res:
Renderer: Cycles
Not sure if I’ve posted this before, but I’ll put it here anyways since it’s related

Alien Space Ship

High Res:
Renderer: Cycles
A part of a VFX film I’m working on.


High Res:
Renderer: Blender Internal
For my tutorial on Blender Cookie.


High Res:
Renderer: Cycles
Also a part of that VFX film


High Res:
Renderer: Cycles
Yep you guessed it, also a part of that VFX film.


High Res:
Renderer: Blender Internal
I was bored one day…


High Res:
Renderer: Cycles
Yep, bored again.

Comp test

High Res:
Renderer: Cycles + Blender Internal
Testing a VFX shot using cycles, only to realize that my weeks of hard work on the gun and the ship are not compatable with the trunk build of blender and only work in r41113. Fiddlesticks.

Because Why Not?

High Res:
Renderer: Cycles
Inspired by (but not the result of) Mr Williamson’s tutorial on Blender Cookie.
Oh and I thought up a way of using alpha maps in Cycles.


The forest scene, and the cubes underneath it are the best :slight_smile:

Is orange uv textured or something else?

All the images are great, but the cubes one and the BI forest are epic. Just a little crit to some of your cycles images: the use of those HDR images as background is not very good, your objects seems to be floating in space. Maybe hiding the backgrounds, or just adding a floor plane, the presentation or your objects will improve a lot, and your work deserve it.

Anyways, you have my stars

@prestijkorsan07 - of course! Check out the tutorial

@V1k1ngo - they are floating in space :wink: Since they’re a part of a bigger project where they will be in a scene, there’s not much point in putting effort into the display

I understand this… but since you are present them in a finished work thread I expect to find a good presentation, even if the models are just a part of a bigger project. You can make a simple rig to present the models once they’re finished (at least, this is what I used to do). Of course, this is just matter of taste, not an universal law, and don´t negative affect your excellent work :wink:

Your gun reminds me of the Nerf gun my kids have…

You do good work Greg. Some way to go on the steampunk texturing, but overall its all pretty darn good.

I can’t even choose what is the best of these renders: all are great!

amazing renders, dude! Great lighting, texturing and oh my, that forest scene is so frakkin’ awesome in mood! Poor dead guy… or is he waking up?

great stuff no doubt! I’m amazed what talented people can do when bored…

I’m surprised you guys like the forest, it was such a quick project and I was sure I over did the compositing. So thanks :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Based on all the pieces with metal, you’re getting better at texturing. Since you appear to expertise in the tutorial field, may I suggest making a tutorial for the “advanced texture…r”

@GraphiX - way ahead of you sir :wink:

nice job, especially on the comp piece. My initial reaction was “he actually built it… awesome!”… then I read the title and laughed at myself. besides modeling and texturing you’ve got some fine design skills.

Not a huge fan of the forest personally. I actually think it’s the weakest one O.o (The snow would have more texture to it, and there would be lots of patchy areas where the snow couldn’t get through because of the trees blocking it)

However, I absolutely love your helmet and space ship! Nice work!

Outstanding renders. Really great work.

You are doing a lot of steampunk – is this for a particular project?

Is it bad that I knew what the first image was right away without even reading the caption?