Some renders with indigo


Waiting inspiration (or request) for some new projects, I did several renderings of a recent project “Nice building in Brussels” I rendered with Yafaray. Here are some results I got playing with light (sun or meshes) and DOF. I used camera tonemapping for the light calibration.

Modelled with Blender (except Orchid)
Rendered with Indigo 1.04

great - nice composition…

nice materials/textures and blurry reflections, only the checkers on the pipe look cheap. (kind of streched)

Nice render, i like that Orchid!

Dam, they are really nice. I like the first one better overall. However nice camera angle for the 2nd.
Can you explain your lighting setup a little?

Thanks to all,

@FloorPlay: I used a sunset light for the daylight scenes with Exit portals to get a better control of sunlight entering in the building and to speed up the rendering. For the night scenes I used mesh lights, there are about 90 spots and lamps to illuminate it and this is time consuming. For both day and night scenes I used camera tonemapping which is very useful as it works just like you would set your camera for taking a shot.

Lots Of Details
Nice Scene
The Chess Texture Realy Looks Cheap But I Dono If Wanted It To Be Like That Other Wise Looks Great :slight_smile:

Awesome work once more enricoceric! Every time I see your name as the author of a thread, I know what quality it is going to be, Great job!

This looks like the entrance to the offices of a small enterprise, eager to impress customers and investors. Looks very nice, all views are from the entrance direction. The beautiful staircase dominates the design, and the pipe artwork is placed at a very focal point, drawing all eyes upon it.

The use of primary color red in the furniture is very striking as well, and like the pipe artwork, would get the most objections from a sponsor…

The material of the floor and stair steps looks very different in the different pictures, and I am not sure what it’s supposed to be (concrete-patterned plastic?). The staircase has no visible supports, in real life it would require several columns under it.

But what I miss most in these images is people. Even a glimpse of an office-rat in an upper floor office (where most of us would be banished) would make it more appealing, even to a sponsor.

How many hours do you run indigo per render ,at what resolutions ?

so what did you use for the orchid? also very nice.

Thank you shutting me up. I used to complain about how blender dint have the tools needed to do some good architecture, but now I’m very very ashamed :-). thank you very much.
i’m inspired so I’m now restarting my architecture project.

Very Nice renders. How much time it took to render a frame ?