Some Reproductive works (Interior Scenes)

This is a Reproduction of Andrew Price’s tutorial on an Interior Lounge. Full HDR is crashing my system so lighting is not upto the mark. Apart from that I think I have done quite well

Floor is to glossy, leather looks plastic. The rest looks fine

PS. Why does everybody use the same lamp?

It goes with the Barcelona Chair?

The scale of the floor’s wood texture is also too large, and there is too much bump. Looks like you could almost lose pocket change in some of that wood grain. What is that odd curved brown thing on the floor?

I love it, so good. ^^
But maybe you can reduce the granulate of the image, here’s a link:

The bad thing is that they use AfterEffects, but I think that with another open source editor like Jahshaka you can do it. :yes:

Curved thing is supposed to be a rug but i forgot to keep it down, its supposed to be flush with floor, but after 1.2 hours of rendering I cant possibly re render it correcting it. . .

I also noted that the bump is too high, but glossiness is acceptable i think. . . .

I have just noticed that chair and footstool fly a little above tle floor.

yeah thats true. . . i even notices it after the render. . too negligible to see in solid mode :(. . i cant re render for that thing. . so posted it.