Some rocks and an eagle on a stick

I wanted to make this render and finish it in one day. I obviously used assets from the internet. Rocks are scans from megascans, the 2 animals, the eagle and the almost invisible wolf on the bridge, are free from cgtrader. That tree is also from megascans. I just made that simple bridge right there to somehow connect the 2 cliffs and make them interact with each other. There’s some moss on the ropes as well, that’s just particles with weight paint to control density and scale. I initially modeled the bridge in a straight line and then I used a Lattice object to deform it into the shape I needed.

I’ve then done some post-processing in Photoshop and that’s all.

If I were to continue working on this, first I would make the sun’s shadows a lot softer. I would’ve played with the HDRI’s rotation more to find a better direction from the sun. The animals’ pose is horrible, I should’ve spent more time on that, especially if I was planning to do some close-ups. Water looks too bubbly and the shader’s not the best, would’ve fixed that as well.
A simple blend shader for the rocks to make them look wet where they meet water.