Some romantic stuff

So I think with this it’s done … my first post on elysiun … Hi @ all :wink:

As you can see I want to show you nothing great, but it’s one of my first finished and before intended “projects”. hehe
I’ve made the whole picture with Photoshop …

SWEET :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

No, i mean i like it.
How did you made the rose? Or is it a picture.

Well … the rose is unfortunately a picture :wink:
I’ve just painted it red and cut some ugly places off.

Hey Garvistra, you’re a real Romeo, your girlfriend will love it. Might want to make those thorns a bit smaller though.

BTW Garvistra, here is a another love poem you can add to your collage, my German is not the best but you can translate, here goes: Hey Schats, Ich lieber dich fur emir und emir, Ja trust me Schats my love for you is bigger and harder than ever before. :smiley: So what do you think Garvistra, I think it works.