Some screenshots from a game i'm developing

Hi everyone, I have decided to post some screens from a game I’m currently developing. The idea of the game is to be a blend between “gothic” and “blade of darkness” .Ofcourse the textures and environment is temporary. Now I’m working on character animations and the battle system between “you” and different kinds of creatures. The AI of the cretures is where I’m stuck, but soon I hope, I will find some solutions over this part of the game.
The environment in the final version will be much much detailed there will be bugs, rocks butterflies, waterfalls and so on.:wink:

Looks good for now! What is the framerate with this setup?
There are some interesting examples of AI on this forum so you can always do a search on them.
And one small tip: work on a logic system of the game, AI, movements, interaction, etc… before you finish visual part of the game. I think it will save you a lot of headaces later on.
Really nice work so far, keep it up!

this is really nice ! I’m looking forward your progress ! Anyway how many poly your charater is using ?

It’s already impressive this way!
Take care, in a “normal” situation, Blender can’t handle too many polys.
Bye and keep blending

Good texturing…what will be in the environment besides dead trees? What’s the game’s storyline?

i like it :slight_smile:

hey, make the ground tex smaller. not to much, but just enough so that it doesn’t look so ummm big.

If your looking for a book on AI then try “AI for Games” by Ian Millington, it big, its heavy and covers most aspects of AI in games, and has lots and lots of pseudo-code examples written in a form that is curiously almost identical to Python…

With regard to the ground texture, I like it, it reminds me of solidified lava, which also fits with the trees… though you could make it more jagged in places…

Looking at the fine print, it seems that there are about 4000-5000 verts, tho I cannot be too sure… Haidme, could you post a slight demo of what you’ve done so far, and great modeling. he looks really great! Keep up the good work.

Yes there is just about 4000 verts in the hole scene. I think that finalized with all the flora and fauna will have about 8000verts.The textures is from somewhere…they will be replaced soon, althought I like’em. I will post demo…but first i want to make it playable…for now you can just walkaround and hit the air:)) . Here is another screen:

Btw I need help- can somebody tell me how to make collusion beteen lets say the axe and the enemy…the axe verts are grouped with the armature of the character - bone.021 and in this case the axe center origin is far away from the axe. Uinfortunally the collusions are beteen the origins of the objects and beside this, in action editor the axe is moving with bone.021 properly, but when I play the game the axe center origin(witch is invisible by default) is not following the bone.021 animations and because of that when hitting animation is played the axe origin is not colliding with the enemy.
So if someone know some tecniques to make them colliding please tell me.:slight_smile:

I’ts pretty hard to find the way to make it. You should parent a colision box around the axe to make it work !

no it wont work because the bones move the meshes bu not the bounds boxes, the only way I know of is put an empty parented to your charater (or the axe) and use a ray sensor and when your push the key and the ennemy is in sight of the ‘‘ray’’ just animate the stroke and make the dammage


you can attach a box to a bone ! Sorry to tell you that. Iearn this techinque from dakka dakka.

IF you want to parent an mpty following your advice it wont work because in the game engine even if you do some vertex parenting the parenting is done with the center of the mesh.

there is the tread I hope this will help.

black reaper,
i didnt say you CANT attach a box to the bone, I say the BOUNDING box wont move even if attach to a bone : simple exemple here in this blend file (press space to rotate the bone)

but if you make an IPO instead of an action it will work but it wont move a single bone, but the whole armature

Yes It’s impossible to move the boundings of an object along with armature bone. Micro27, your solution seems to be one of the few. I solved it an hour ago this way:
First I attached empty to the character and when i press hit button this empty box generate an invisible plane object…wich have collision sensor…the tricky part here is that my character make long hit animations, in fact when i press hit button the character first move his arm up with the axe and after that move it down fast…so the collision with the enemy must be 0.6 - 0.9 sec. after i press hit button. So i made the empty witch generate the collision plane with timer property so that when i press hit…the empty waits 0.6-0.9 sec before generating the plane. The plane it self have about 2 frames life…witch is enought to make a collision with any object in range. And the range is the from the bottom to the top of the axe.
This way collision works fine…I must say that the strickes become pretty real and “paintfull” :wink:
10x for helping me with ideas. Soon I’ll post the demo to discuss the animations and shooting with the bow…witch was a “little hell” mading it.