Some Script Problems

First off, I’ll just say sorry if this is in the wrong place. It seemed to fit, so I’ll cross my fingers.

Second, I’m having trouble with the Indigo plugin,… and possibly something more (which may be the cause).

I’m running Windows MCE, and the latest version of Blender and Indigo, as well as the latest plugin from the Wiki site shrug I’ll give you a screenshot of the console to start off with…

First time I booted up, and every time after I got the error above “Continuing happily”. Once I tried the plugin, I got the second one under “Continuing happily”. Heh…

You need to install Python, which contains the zlib module the script is requesting.

Okay. …I’ve installed 2.5 before, but it didn’t help any. Do I have to do something besides just install it?

The current version of Blender is compiled to work with Python 2.4x, which you can have installed along with 2.5.

Cool, thanks.