Some Side Scroller Help?

I’m working on a 2d gradius style shooter and have run into a few problems that I can’t quite solve.

  1. I’d like the ship to be bound within the camera view. Right now the camera pans through the level, and if you don’t press forward, you scroll off the screen. I tried creating some invisible planes that were parented to the camera, which kept the ship on screen, but other things collide with it. Is there a way to have a plane that only the ship can collide with?

  2. When the ship runs into things, it gets knocked a little off my 2-D game plane. Is there a good way to constrain it to the X-Z plane? I’ve tried playing with the constraint actuator, but it makes things move all jerky.

Also, if anyone has any general tips for a 2d game in 3D they could share, that would be great. That’s it for now.


  1. You could have the camera collide with only the ship if your working with logic bricks, make the ship have a property of “player” (it doesnt have to be player) and make the camera’s invisble planes have a collision sensor that would detect only that property (player).

Although you could just vertex parent the camera, to do this select the camera and hold shift and select the ship, now go into edit mode and select ONE vertex and press ctrl + P and the camera will follow it.

  1. I don’t really know a good way to do this but you could just have a invisble plane on top of the other plane, squishing the ship in between.

Hope I helped, keep blending :wink: