some simple projects

hello i started a few months ago with blender and then i discovered this website, al the artwork here is amazing!

I decided to upload some very simple projects that i made, im stil very noob with blender but im learing every day.:smiley:

i made this logo for a friend:

this is just a simple dna string that i find kinda funny :stuck_out_tongue:

this is a very simple city i made today to use as background it started as a test but i quite like it and im using it as my desktop background:
you can download the city to use as background here:

please comment and rate, but keep in mind that im stil very noob with blender:D

I think those are quite nice, especially the guitar, u should try make photo realistic looking render from it with and amplifier! I like the city also, it would be so much better with good textures on it! maybe cartoon shaders and edges? I imagine it would look really cool. at least try adding reflections in the water and decrease specularity in the buildings and scenery. the dna string… well… its a… well its a DNA STRING! nothing to add there:D

hey thanks for the comment, i wil try some of the stuff you said it sounds good:D