Some simple questions :)

I hope…

  1. How can i make so when, I add an object trough an actuator… It doesnt spawn in the middle. Without messing up the centerpoint ^^
    (example: I have a cube, when it hits the floor i end the object and 8 smaller cubes appear… but they all appear in the middle… causing them to push each other away)
    2.Where, or can someone make a simple script. so when i move my mouse… the object rotates and follows the mouse around 1 axis(You know… like when you fire a cannon in 2d and it follows your mouse :))
    3.And where did the sphysics tab go? Not the pacman tab, but the tab where you can edit gravity and stuff^^

thanks in advance :smiley:

  1. It would be really cool if you could specify an offset in the Add Object actuator, but you can’t right now. The solution is to use empties. You can do this in 2 ways:
    1 - Create an empty wherever you want the new object to be added, and then parent that empty to your main character. Then select both objects and make the add object actuator happen on the empty, not hte main object.
    2 - Create a set of empties on the other (hidden) layer with one “central” empty that all of the other empties (which should be offset as you’d like them to be) are parented to. Each of the other empties should just add the desired object (in your case the other cubes) and then end themselves. Then you can add the “central” empty with your main object.

  2. Do a search.
    3)Editing those settings is in the worldbuttons, which is first found in “Shading” and then “World.”


Thanks :slight_smile: never tought about that ^^
but ive come up with another problem… I made so it sends a message to the empty’s… but when i have 2 or more objects on the scene ( So lets say 2 cubes with 8 empty’s, so thats 16 empty’s, when the first cube hits the floor , it sends the message to all 16 empty’s instead of the 8 that are parented to the cube that hit the floor) if that made sense :S

ooh… and i searched ^^ allot… but i pretty much suck at python so it has to be made, if not theres already a perfect script for me lol xD

I made a game a short while back that used empties like that: Game.blend

So… don’t use messages? Seems pretty simple to me…

You can create direct game links between logicbricks of different objects. Just select the two objects, go to the gamebuttons, and drag a line between the nodes of the different bricks. For this example, you’d select your main object and the empty and connect the Sensor you’re using on the main object to a controller (on the main object) and then connect that to the Add Object actuator on the empty. You can then duplicate that empty with shift-d.

If you use method 2, you’d do this to the main empty instead of your main object.