some skinned ragdoll stuff

Hello, maybe someone will find this useful.
it is a Pseudonym’s skinned ragdoll method, not mine. I found it HERE

every “soft” piece has 6 objects and 5 bones, bridge is made of 4 pieces.

(ragdolled stuff is colored)


Cool. You really did allot with my little test file there. Nice to know someone is still having fun with it.

I thought this technique was useless, but it actually works out great for ropes and bridges.

I made some test few month before it works with character but I didn’t had the time to experiment more than ? I did. I mange to have an arm rig but just after that I move to ogre and then to xna. MAybe you should use the bone parenting fix.

very good, I like the effects and this can clearly work in the engine.

Just a question:
is there a way I can save the position and rotation of a hinge piece and directly set the angle of the armature? I dont understand all the math etc that you have used

Thank you for your time
Nicholas Nel

Savefile is down, can you post an example on you tube or something, i really want to see how this works. Maybe you can post directly to Blender Artists.