Some sort of issue with this model?


Firstly I apologise if this is not the correct section.

I’m very new to modelling/Blender (am a programmer) but have learnt to export models from Blender for CSGO using the Blender Source Tools. I’ve managed to port about 20+ different models with no problem. Once I export them out of Blender I do some minor work with other tools before testing in the CSGO game.

These models are all hats/facemasks etc and lay over the players head (they are all idle with no animation).

I’ve run into an issue though with one particular model (majin buu head):
buuhead-joint.blend (1.13 MB)

The issue:

The problem is, when the game uses a third person camera and the player model (character) is using the run animation, the player seems to lie flat on the ground while running which is abnormal. This only happens of course when my ‘majin buu head’ model is equipped.

I’ve done a fair bit of research but i’m not sure what the issue is.
Could somebody please look over the model for any issues that could cause this?
My guess was a stray vertex somewhere or something making the model boundaries huge which would affect the third person view but I honestly don’t have a clue.

If there aren’t any issues with the .blend file then its perhaps the next tool I use after blender.


I managed to fix this! I was compiling this for the source engine and had a stray $autocenter in my qc file. Removing it and recompiling fixes the issue instantly :slight_smile:$autocenter

Added solution in case anyone runs into this issue in the future.

I don’t see how Blender could be causing that. The model (in the blend file you provided) is not rotated, the rotation order is set to XYZ Euler which is the default (check that you’re using the same rotation order in all files and also when exporting).
Otherwise this is certainly caused by the other tools you use.

I don’t see anything “unusual”. I doubt it’s the mesh itself causing that. Maybe there’s something wrong with the way it’s configured for that engine?