Some sort of Sandspeeder

This is my latest work. As you can tell from the images, I still have a long, long way to go… I am attempting to clean up the last few areas of subsurf that need work before putting materials and textures on it. The one image with red shows the areas I am most concerned with right now, as I have not worked on them yet.

I am obviously going to try to make the windshield transparent as well.

One more mesh image, this screenshot taken in edit mode. The pink lines are the edges that have been creased.

Sorry about needing 2 posts, can’t upload more than three images.

Edit: What is the limit for a model to be considered low poly? I was just wondering, when I realized I was already at slightly under 1,500 faces for this model…

And the .blend file.

Anyone who wants this started project, (Or who knows they can do better :D) is welcome to take this basic start and modify it however they want.

Why do you need it to be “low poly”? Also, I recommend breaking the model up into individual parts for better control of the mesh. You are trying to make a complex object, low-poly or not, and you will have far fewer headaches by making individual parts for this model.

@Soter, I don’t need it to be low poly. I just wondered what low-poly was…

Thanks for your input. I do have the model broken into several parts so far.

The main body is one piece.
The windshield is seperate.
I built the rollbar, duplicated it, and joined it to the other one, they are one object.
The engine is seperate as well.

If you look closely at the mesh in edit mode, you will see that neither the engine, rollbars, or windshield are in edit mode.

I think it’s a pretty cool start.
In fact, I’m pretty sure I HAD one of those when I was a kid. Then my cousin smashed it a few days before christmas because I was so scared he was gonna get an AT-AT and I said it would be better for us to play with his toys than mine.
I think he wound up becoming a cop…

@AdamEtheredge, that made me smile… :smiley: Thanks for the encouragement.

I am working on adding air scoops, one on the hood, and maybe several on the sides.

I probably should have mentioned that I did see that you have some parts separated. Oddly though, the parts that are separated are probably easier to keep part of the whole mesh than the parts that are not.
I took a look at your .blend of the model. Some of the artifacts you pointed out in your above pic is caused by unattached edges and vertices. I have attached a pic to show you what I am talking about.

Other artifacts in that image are caused by over stretching the subsurf modifier due to extreme angles and poles. Poles are basically any point where 5 or more edges meet.
I also attached an image where I separated some of the mesh so you could see how the problem has been fixed, with little to no difference in the look of the model. Hope this helps.

I will try removing doubles, etc. I still have to rework that part of the model somewhat anyhow. I will post new images as soon as I have them. Thanks for the help so far! :smiley:

Worked on this for a bit and came up with this… (not sure why the seats are so dark…)
The original is still there… Just check the different layers…

DDD–That improved it drastically… Thanks!

Edit: Sorry people, I thought I put up the version of this that had no material yet, making it easier to work on. Here is a new link for the .blend.

Yeah. Airscoops. Gotta have airscoops. I’m SURE mine had airscoops. That was the best part. Made it look like a '67 Stang.

Low poly would be like a sword with 50 - 100 verts. But for a boat low poly would be 1,000 - 2,000

Thanks fayt. I have redone most of the center console, and will post new images tommorow when I am finished with that part.

I am doing a new post to bump this thread back up for more C&C.

So people, despite not giving any progress for a week, I have actually been working on this…

First, I did major work on the center console, though as you can see, it still needs a little work.

Second, I added a front hoodscoop. Still need to try a side one, but left that one untill last, as I have the mesh indented, making it harder.

Finally, I added in seats. Many, many, many thanks go out to DDD, who designed them for me. I attempted one on my own, and it failed miserably. I then tried to get one off of Blendswap, and it had about 2000 faces in each seat, doubling the amount of faces in my model. As neither of these worked, I implemented DDD’s flawless solution… :yes:

As usual, thanks to the people who follow this, and instruct me. U R Great… :smiley:

Here is the .blend with seats, etc…

If needed, I will post more wires, etc tommorow.