Some springs and other bits

Couldn’t think of a better title. This was done for a series of assets I’m doing besides my WIP

Seems like the addon would have done most of this, i like the metal look though

Thanks, the springs were done with the Screw modifier so was the threads on the nuts…as far as the nuts is concerned is just a hexagon that’s been extruded and modeled with the Inset Faces (I) and then modeled the hole for the thread…the washer is again no big deal, just an octagon extruded and then beveled.

So no addon used in this comp, I reckon it defeats the whole purpose of modelling things…sorry :smiley:

For the metal, is just a mix shader of Diffuse and Glossy…again very basic stuff!

very nice lighting,material and composition.

Thanks @Remade, I’m a true believer that sometimes simplicity is the way to go.

An to the Admins, thanks for moving this thread to where it should have been posted in the first place…:o