Some stuff for school (Abandoned Tyre Swing)

Hey. I am 17 years old and this is an image I made for my Studio Arts subject for High school. I know there’s a lot to be desired (at least in my opinion) but I hope you enjoy it.

I did my best to demonstrate ‘neglect’ (the subject matter). The inspiration behind it was looking at the idea that, the car tyre is such a crutial part in modern society (but is often over looked or taken for granted), and cannot be disposed of easily when the use has run out. So all there is, is to re-purpose it. But eventually nature will take over because man ceases to care.

I attempted with the lighting and contrasting colours to show that just because man has abandoned something, doesn’t mean it cant still be beautiful.

This was made in Blender, rendered in Cycles (thank to for the use of their farm) and post-processed in Photoshop. I used textures from across the internet (if you want the links, let me know).

Original resolution is 4320x7680 (had to resize to 1040x1855 to upload here).