some stuff...

(muteinvert) #1

the bmx- it’s not done, i’m still working on the chrome and shadow, and i’m making a movie with it. i know the forks are scrwed up, but i’m too lazy to render the fixed version

the borg cube-NEW AND IMPROVED

piano-i made it in about 30 minutes, so it HAS a reason to suck

dice- less than 10 minutes, so they have an even BIGGER reason to suck

(ectizen) #2

Nice bike! I like the rubber and the chain :slight_smile:
The spokes seem to join the rims in the wrong place (edge of the rim, not middle).
You should add valves to the wheels too.

To make the die even crappier, try replacing the “2” side with a “3” or “6” :wink:

(rixtr66) #3

nice work.the textures on the bike are quite good,
keep at it


(Pooba) #4

That’s pretty good, I don’t think the piano is that bad. The bike is clearly the best though, and the borg cube looks pretty nice too.
Keep it up