Some sweet news - Tile branch, IBL, image layers

Tile Branch (OpenCL Compositor Redesign) New Builds
IBL Toolkit
Image Layers in Blender

Anyone knows when tile branch is going to be merged? Won’t the Mango crew need it?

It’s a 2.64 target. That means soon… Probably beginning of May.

Thanx DingTo, that’s great news! :slight_smile:
Have been drooling over those new masks for way too long really.

Wow I had not seen image layers before, that looks great. Looks very complete, every time I thought of a feature it appeared in the demo :slight_smile:

not all nodes work yet :frowning:

Btw Ton twitted yesterday that 3K was granted to J. Bakker for completing the new compositor. Exciting times ahead! :slight_smile:

i am sorry to ask this . i know that it was asnwered 100 times. but is there a list what will the new compositor have?

All the other stuff and speed!


Support of huge resolutions during compositing
Tile based
Massive increase of performance
Support of multiple color models
Layered pixel data transport.

GPU and CPU powered (OpenCL and CPU computing)
Auto datatype conversions between node-sockets.

I’d like to see a RAM cache / pre-viewer type mode in there too, but hopefully that will come in the future.

…plus real (i.e. non-3D) double edge masks

Oh yeah, this is the best response, I totally agree here… ;D

Yes, a mask node with feathering would be great. Also that missing comp size thingie - either as a general setting or in the output node…