Some technical questions for 3W laser vert

Hi guys!

After measuring the power of my green Lasever module, i decided it deserves a new selfbuilt host. I just measured all dimensions of module and driver. I want to drive it with a 26650 battery, since it draws 4,5A at 3,2V. So with higher Voltage its even more. I tried it shortly with 3,5V and it was already over 6A of draw. Therefore i want to change it from the 18650 to the 26650 batt.
I am going to make the new host completly out of copper, because of the better heat conduction. One thing i dont understand: the module is made out of brass, wich conducts heat only half as good as aluminum and only quarter as good as copper. Is there a reason for using brass? The driver has some electrical parts wich need to be cooled. I want to get them fitted to the copper host. For this i am going do design the host in 3D CAD.
Now my questions:
-Is there a recommendation for a good and small keyswitch wich can take over 6A of current draw?
-I´d like to be able of closing the front end of the laser like the 3W laser vert , with turning the front tip.
Are these systems available?
-I want to integrate the focusing in a way, that i can change it from the outside. Don´t have a good concept yet.


Blender is not a CAD program, but I think there’s a user version out there that speaks CAD. I cannot recall what it is called though, sorry.

Why brass? I’d guess it has to do with thermal expansion. It probably doesn’t expand or shrink much in the expected temperature range. So the laser diode contained therein stays precision fit.

You could probably add active cooling. Plenty of little OTS computer fans. Most of those are 5V. Attach a heatsink with fins and blow the air over that.

6A switch that is small and reliable? Not that I can think of offhand. Most applications where a high current is controlled by a small switch, such as automotive, use a relay. So you push a tiny little button with miniscule current draw for the rear window defogger, and that triggers a relay that switches on the cirucuit with the 15A draw. If you have the space to do so, you may have an easier time designing it that way.

Focusing? You’ll probably want to look at a cutaway diagram of a camera lens. Outer focus ring moves helical grooves that changes the focus of a lens assembly in a precise manner.

Of course I’m no engineer. But perhaps you could ask one and find out if that makes sense.