Some test i did today(Material/Eyes Tests)

I dont know if i must put it here but i still wanted to share
I make some eyes just for fun (i now they look a bit strange but when they placed i a head it look cooler :cool:

Here,s a fake sss and a Z-Brush material look-a-like? :confused:

Awesome. Are they procedural?

Some random materials

No they not accept for the fake sss and for some random materials

Oh and here,s one i did when i played for the first time with the new sss function
Aa bit to much sss but it shows clearly the difference and the power of SSS

Great test renders. Keep them coming.

Another Test!

Have you considered posting this to the material library?

I agree with vliegtuig!! There are some VERY nice materials there…
It would be a pity if the community were to lose them (not that they have them now, of course… :wink: )

Hey, some of those look really good. Nice job. What I noticed with the zbrush material, though, was that it–as far as I can see–the specular should actually have a blueish tinge.

Thnx guy,s

Yeah it,s a id , i think i make soon a blend file and share with you guys some materials

@ BlakBoe
I agree but i have give it a bleuish spec. but it does not show clearly
in fakt i just can,t give it a clearly bleuish tint and as i darken the color it will show ugly black spots
I think it has to do with the settings that i realy crack it up to create that effect
but i will play around a bit

agreed with the rest, these materials are cool, post em in the material library.

That is just plain awesome.

(Picture removed. I don’t want to interrupt the thread)

Those are some impressive materials. And models. And textures. And everything else. :yes: I’m glad you’re sharing the .blends .

I don’t really mean blue, just blue enough to counteract the red. Relatively blue as opposed to globally blue.

I know what you mean and i have played around a bit
Somehow it failed the first time but now i used the spec ramp and now it works
Not perfect but i,s a step forward

love the matrials.How did you do the vains in the eyes?


UV map the sphere and paint them in

greats render .
i never sow betters eyes done in blender.
could you place a blend files for eyes and sss ?? :wink:

Whoah! #1 and #5 look like something staight out of a Marvel movie.