Some Textures

I got bored waiting leave after i finished my WC so i did some textures.
Here they are.






Thank you.

Heres one with a few of them together.

i don’t know the result of this equation
(tip, the dot in the middle is a multiplica btw)
Theses are cool looking. have you tried the colored voroni to do some church windows?

Number 4 is cool.

The first, fourth and fifth would make great flesh textures, KEEP THEM !!!

Wow more replies than i thought i would get. Um about that dot. Its actually my constrait for my camera. so i actually rarely move my camera just the object its pointed at. Much easier for me to work with. So if you see a very small cube it because i forgot to hide it. Hehe. I have thought of the church window just never got to it.

if you got a 3 boutons mouse, try that:
-go in camera view.
-press r
-pres the middle button.
-direct the camera where you want.

I think it would be better to just use empties for that purpose.

It also may be helpful if you turn on the show range or something in the camera options. That’ll give you a straight line showing the clipping and direction of the camera.

I know i can do all those things its just what im used to and i even added to my defaults so when Blender fires up there is already a small cube with the camera constraited to it. also i can just go change the object for which the camera is constraited real easy.

Ill be posting some new textures soon.

Ok i did a metallic one and the “church window” texture.

Here ya go.

The church window texture needs more work so Ill post a better one soon.