Some tips on face modelling

Well, I guess this isn’t specific to human head modelling, but that’s what I’m attempting now.

Does help at all that the “featured image” on the right is someone doing it extremely right :wink:

Basically, I installed Blender about a week ago in the hopes of expanding my abilities to include 3D stuff. I’m getting on okay, sort of, but today I decided to try modelling a human head. I worked to a couple of reference images and started off okay, but as the project went on a number of obvious glitches appeared and I got a bit scared to continue. Here’s hoping that some day I’ll be embarrassed to have put this on the internet:

As you can see I stopped at the lips. They look like lips, but there’s some nasty artifacts there. I’d like to get to work on detailing the eyes and the creases on the nose etc. but I honestly think I’d end up with more bumpy wrongness.

So in light of the fact that you’ve probably all answered this question a hundred times before: what are the dos and don’ts here? What do you typically try to avoid doing when you model? What are the best practices?

Best practice? -before going 3d, draw as many different wireframes over your pic as you can until you find one that works. -remember, try to keep it simple, and it’s a lot more forgiving to goof off on paper than when you’re right there with a model for hours on end. ->eg:

Thanks man. I’m rubbish at planning ahead! I think I’ve just got to learn what shapes / loops work so I know what to plan for, as well.

I did some closer reading and came out thusly:

…not quite the uncanny valley but it’s a start I reckon.

Actually I have a further question - when modelling symmetrically, you have to join the two sides at the end (or whenever) - what’s the best way to avoid the big gaping seam line? I read a tutorial that suggested joining would do this for you, but I can’t see why it would and it doesn’t.

It helps the learning/teaching process if you show wires of your model. And see if you can find a tutorial or two on head modeling. That will help a lot. It may also answer your mirror question.

Here’s one.

In the mean time you can use the mirror modifier. There is a setting to align the center. Apply it when you are done to join the mesh.

here’s a video

Google is a great search engine to use to find tutorials for Blender.

Modelling a head, 6 part video series.
You can wwatch the videos free or if you want pay to download the source files and hi res video

Good point. Wireframe:

As you can see I’m just working past the “better face” tutorial that gets posted around.

Thanks for the tutorial links, I’ll work through those when I get the time!