Some tires (for a car in progress...)

Here are some tires. Tell me what you think. C&C more then welcome.
p.s. the thick tires that both lay down on there backs (…) are the rear tires

Add some treds. Also, You have an AO artifact as it looks to me. Mabye try to fix that up. But treds will spice it up. Great job though.

Yeah go look for the Car Material Library and play around with the crome and tire threads (have to be uv mapped) it will make it look much better

The brake callipers are very bright, you might want to desaturate them a bit.

First of all, thanks for the replys.


Add some treds

Yep, knew I should and I know I would 8)

Yeah go look for the Car Material Library

Where can I get this?

The brake callipers are very bright

Yep, I’ll change that

I’ve worked on it and I’ll post a pic next time

(I’m sure you all have noticed the black dots/stucci there is on one of the, er, how do you call it, er, spakes? Anyway, it was becouse I haven’t done -remove doubles- thing wich is why the effect was there…stupid…I know…)