Some tools which would be usefull in future Blender releases


I encounter often some situations in which these two features would be really needed:

1 - Ordinary omnidirectionnal lamps allowing the use of Shadow buffer. Because for now ordinary lamps need Raytracing to cast shadows, and soft shadows can’t be achieved (no settings at all).

2 - Make Cyclic Ipo Curves Real.
Suppose that you want to make an animation cyclic during a long period, and change in the middle: you have to set all the curve manually, because when you apply a Cyclic Extend Mode to a curve, the points of the curve are not duplicated. Only the shape of the curve is duplicated.

If you want to modify the curve only between some frames somewhere in the animation, the whole curve is lost as soon as you enter a new point, and the whole new curve is now cyclic, but it is not what was wanted in this particular case.

So, duplicating the points (make the curve real) when needed would be very usefull!

What do you think about these ideas?

Do you know a way to solve these problems with the current available versions of Blender?

If not, maybe you could tell me if there is a more appropriate place to submit these requests?



Thanks you!

I will try an other time later, because the links on the request page are dead!


you haven’t seen the 6 90 degree square spot lamp hack?

[an omnidirectional lamp doesn’t make much sense when using shadow buffers, at best you’d get blender to abstract-away that you are in fact using 6 spots to create an omni [which admittedly doesn’t buy you much, if they’re linked duplicates and all the child of some other object]]


Each time I tried to make an omni Lamp with spots, I got bad effects in the overlapping areas (light from different spots added, or lacks of light, or even crossing shadows at some distances). :expressionless:


The challenge as i see it with an ordinary light is that it has no size, so defing the softness of the shadow becomes a challenge. Distance also effects softness, a close large obeject will have a harder shadow, while a distant or tiny object will have a mach softer shadow, their is would be no consistancy, if acuratly calculated.

I saw a nice tut for area lights which creates nice soft shadows. it may be what you looking for.

Have you looked at


Thanks for the links.

I have done a lighting with 6 spots at 90 degrees… I got a result which is not too bad, but not perfect though.