Some Unfinished models


My last post is from 25-Aug-2006 :eek:, long time ago.

I am old animator 2d (some times 3D), and blender addict.

Today I decided to bring two models of Blender Unfinished, but at least, they have the setup done, Alex has many problems with the model, and the bird hasn’t the setup of the wings.

With both, you can make some animation practice.

You can donwload from my blog, where you can see some video with them.

Maybe someone can finish for the blender comunity.

Now I am involved with other project.


Thank you!

I am quite into drawing/tracing at the moment and will use your models for these. I usually put the tracings into the “traditional” arts section of this forum.

If you don’t mind - I will also re-texture the models and do some Yafaray testing on this.

Your models at first glance is so good for studing too!

EDIT - there are some wonderful sites with high hit ratios like artist-3d & turbosquid (for free release). If you post something legally clears me, I can upload your mesh onto those sites for you where more users can view and access them.

Hi Kbot

I put this model for the comunity in copy left, if you do some thing with these please show me

And you can upload o give the link to my blog, what ever you want.

THe new project that I am involved is this

as you can see at my blog


No worries - I’ll upload them & also put a conditional disclaimer that you are to be notified when your models are used. A link to your blog will all be attached in the *.blend files. All the best!