Some Vertex Assistance

Alright, before I begin this, I’m letting everyone know that I’m a new user. Like, I just began yesterday. Of course, my first stop were the YouTube video tutorials. I began to test out the creation of a head.

So, now that I have a (very crappy) head shape in place, I began to extrude the neck. Now, I’ve run into a problem were the faces that I’ve chosen via their vertices do not light up so that I can extrude them. The result of this is, instead of extruding a 3D elongation, I have two 2D surfaces that are empty in the middle.

I was assuming this is because the points weren’t exactly collinear, or that the faces were asymmetrical. The geometry might’ve been off. Either way, the result is less than lustrous.

A screenshot would be better.



Is there any reason for that? Can anyone link me to some documentation that has ways to avoid this in the future? Tutorials on how to perform better? I’m desperate to learn.

Thank you in advance!

Looks like you have duplicate vertices so you are just selecting vertices, not faces. Select all vertices (A) and remove doubles (W / remove doubles). Look in the toolshelf (T) or F6 to change the Merge Distance if needed

Duplicate vertices… so, does it always have that effect on the model? Do I have to check for double vertices after every edit?

P.S: Please excuse the broken attempts at English in my first post. After rereading it, I can do nothing but cringe.

No, not unless you make mistakes such as duplicating vertices or extruding when you don’t intend to.

It could be the first thing to check if you have problems with operations not doing what you think they should do. Just like if renderings don’t turn out right you should recalculate normals… neither of these make changes that are undesirable in any way, so quite safe to do.