Some Vertices Rotate Wrong Way

I have a few thousand vertices in my object, and I select all of them. When I attempt to rotate around the X or Z axis, about a doze of them rotate in the opposite direction. The model is of a six pack of soda, and each of the sodas in the six pack was duplicated from an original soda. The original and 3 of the duplicates all rotate correctly.

Scaling and grabbing all work fine. Only rotating causes the problem.

I’m uploading a video to youtube demonstrating what’s going on. It should be viewable about 20 minutes after this is posted here: (In the video, there is an armature there, but it’s not currently attached to the object, so I don’t think that’s the problem.)

Hopefully I’ve given enough info that more experienced people know what I’ve done wrong, lol. If not that video should help.

Well, it sure seems like it’s being affected by something connected to the object, such as an armature. If you’d like to start fresh with just your vertices: note in the outliner hierarchy the name of the mesh datablock inside your six pack object (probably Cylinder.002 or similar), create any new object such as a plane, swap out the plane’s mesh datablock for the mesh you noted. Then try the edit mode rotation test. You should be free of whatever external influences were acting on the original object and continue from there. Hope that helps!

Maybe remove doubles and recalculate verticles?