Some way to use c++/openGL?

my friends and I want to develop a game engine using Blender, but wonder if our executable (c++) could load .blend files…
So we would have our vertices and texture files, but the engine and input would be c++ coded…
Can i use these files(

it’d be easier NOT to [particularly the data structure section]

it’d be better in many ways to write an exporter in python to your engine’s own format


I agree with z3r0 d. You need to write a python script that can export to a binary format (binary/hex format is best for security). You then write the neccesary importer to icorporate you data into a project that uses the engine.
This is not a suggestion as much as it is a requirement.

here are a few examples from my own engine “SOL”
*.sli image file
*.slt texture file (support for texture optimizations like pre made mipmaps)
*.sls sound file (very close resemblance to .mp3)
*.sol mapfile
*.slo static mesh object
*.sld dynamic mesh object

Get the basic idea???