Some weird conspiracy theory has been going around.

Has anyone read up on this Project Blue Beam stuff? It seems a little too strange to believe.

Seems interesting, I didn’t know that holograms were getting that sophisticated. A person could have some fun with one of those!

My few cents on this are…and from what I saw on the chat is that this could partly dimistify the existance of god and the existance of the ‘divine’ so to speak. If we have such technology now(and I’m sure we had it for some time and chances are it is already more advanced than they show) imagine the ways the ignorant could be manipulated.

‘God’, I love being an atheist.:yes:

How would that demystify the existence of God? Tech that has only been around for less the 50 years could not explain a belief that is several thousand years old. I don’t think you put much thought behind that post.

I think that with such tech you could scare people. Especially while most people don’t even know of its existence.But as with all things, people would learn how to identify such scare tactics and ignore them. Like when people used to put ghosts in the videos they would take, and try to convince people that they really saw a ghost. (Ghost Hunters, cough.) But people learn new things, and can tell if something is fake or not. It could only be super useful while people don’t understand it. If it is a hologram, they could use radar and detect that it has no mass. Against people alone, would be hard to fight, but if used in war, to scare troops, wouldn’t work.

Actualy I did put rather I didnt finish my thought to the fullest.
If people believe in burning bushes, people able to split seas apart, heaven,hell, limbo, 72 virgins and so on… allow me to believe that the piramids were built by more advanced civilizations than ours that wielded technology light-years from ours.

About if this technology and if it will be able to manipulate people? I will agree and do believe that modern armies rely mostly on common sense(a bit odd choice of words) and most likely will overcome such challenges. However, try explain that to a 50-60 something year old person that every day after work has stood infront of a picture, placed into a frame and mumbling “sacred” words in order for them to go to a better place, and justifying all the good and bad that came to their lives by this ‘iconic’ figure…and that this same ‘iconic’ figure might contact you trough dreams and visions.

I’m aproaching mostly the title of this thread(conspiracy theory).

P.S. - Oh wait. According to the catholic church limbo does not exist anymore. Maybe the ‘Blue Beam’ spoke to them. I dont know how those things work. “Enlighten” the unbeliever.

The problem is that that then makes you superstitious that believing an alien species exists and are messing with our minds.
I think that, considering our inquisitive nature, we would have discovered or seen the aliens if said Aliens were really using high end tech to mess with us.

Now I’m only going with the conspiracy theory bit as well. If you want to talk religion, PM me.

If you answer me the following questions I would love to discuss religion with you in a friendly and debative manner.

1.How big is the universe?How big is our sollar system and how much of this all we have actualy “discovered”?
2.Define and identify the origin and the meaning of the word “believe”.
3. When humans 1st started to doubt that our planet is flat and when actualy was proclaimed the mentioned to be one of the biggest errors in history.
4.Hitler’s religion.

I could keep going, the list is long. I think those should rest my case, too many contraversions coming out different religions.
Regarding me being superstitious, I would say I’m just laying a theory for the origin of the piramids. My doubt in the origin of the piramids does not define me or who I am. I’m free from the shackles of any form of religious believe that will enslave in me a common missconception and so…I doubt.

P.S. Just thought of a cool question.
5. The number of hospitals christianity has built and the number of hospitals and people christianity has destroyed…actualy not to sound like I’m “attacking” only christianity…instead consider all religions combined and let me know of the number.

The Greys relation with things like “Fatima apparition of the Virgin” and “Zeitun apparition of the Virgin” are things that someday will be explained to the people.
But before, other things like 9/11 are priority.

Someday…to the chosen ones or…
9/11 can be…and is usualy explained in the two following manners:
a. A terrorist event forced by fanatic religious extremists
b. A conspiracy of the American government to plot an attack on their own land so foundations to invade Iraq are created.

Someday… people will lay eggs and eat small asteroids to fight their acne.

The Loch Nes monster and the pie are a lie.

All religions have extremists. That doesn’t mean they are all out to kill everyone who doesn’t share their views. We just hear about the few people who do those things. Some times those few grow due to being manipulated by a leader. In which case genocide happens(Hitler).

And you are right, you could use such devices to convince people to believe things. But the majority of the people will learn otherwise. Like how today we laugh at people who believed in the war of the worlds radio show. We gain wisdom from events like that.

Yes, we do have a huge universe, we are microscopic compared to it. There could be life out there, I don’t know, and it would be foolish of me to say there isn’t. But if Aliens had visited Earth, and built the pyramids for us, why haven’t they returned. Do they fear us? Whenever the Pyramids are within human capability’s to build. There is speculation as to how they were constructed. Just because we don’t build such structure’s today doesn’t mean we can’t, we build skyscrapers, a feat that they could only dream of then.

I just think that if there was another form of life out there, one that had been to Earth, they would have returned by now.

In more direct reply to the thread. Those holograms make Star Wars holograms look like crap! Why were they blue in those movies?

Every day more people get computers, smartphones, internet. Every day more and more people can access Google, Wikipedia. Everyday it becomes harder for religious nuts to proclaim they have the truth, the answer. It’s all about education. It’s easy saying evolution is BS and the Dinosaur bones are only 4000 years old when you don’t know how geology works, how carbon dating works. But as people get more informed they realise that stuff like that isn’t true. That science is not a matter of opinion, that we actually know and can prove the universe i 13+ billion years old. In such a world, it’s hard to get people to blow themselves up for a theoretical truth.

And about conspiracy thoeries in general. They don’t work. It’s like the maffiosos say, three people can keep a secret if two of them is dead. There’s just no way for hundreds of people being involved in something and it doesn’t get out, not if it’s something ‘big’. There’s just no way. Someone will have a change of heart. Someone will say something when drunk. Someone will get a cancer diagnosis and have three weeks left to live and stuff like that makes people change instantly. So there’s just no way for this kinda thing… So chances that Elvis was obducted by the aliens who killed Kennedy to be used with the energy created by 9/11 to power a giant hologram in the sky, they are slim to none. ;D

Ah, but then you come to the part where science is disproved everyday. They have proof of nothing, only theories. Even Einstein’s theory of relativity could be under question. What with neutrino’s possibly traveling faster than light.

Science is adaptive. Once people believed that the world was flat( Already mentioned in this thread), and we laugh at those people now, but how much do we believe is fact now, which people will laugh at us in time. Geologists methods may one day be disproved. And that carbon dating may go through cycles of increased speed. After all, the same scientists judge the Earth as being over 13 billion years old, and with evolution happening the entire time. And yet they still judge how the world has worked this entire time by what they know of the world today. Whenever solid records have only been kept the past couple hundred years. Before that we have the records of some old philosophers. The same kinds of people who would have written the bible, but yet they treat their work with the utmost respect.

You are correct about conspiracy theories, as long as several people know about it, others find out. Look at how often movies and video games get leaked footage and gameplay. And with something as big as controlling people through scare tactics, others will find out.

I wonder what that technology would do for the movie industry. Could make some awesome “Real 3d” movies.

“Some old philosophers” wont cut it intront of a debater, who is a dedicated atheist.

Actualy some of those ‘old philosophers’ you so misteriously reffering to, are people like Plato and Socrates - somethe greatest mathmaticials and scientists of their time(and actualy some of the greatest figures in human history). One of them, and I forgot who, was prossecuted for disscarding god.

You need to understand when you are talking on a subject like that, you need to have some solid proof or evidence. Simple example, today you went to the market, you brought an apple, you ate the apple infront of me. Then you said to a 3-rd person that you ate an apple. If this 3-rd person wont believe you, you can take him to the market owner, take him to me, take him to the dozen cameras that cought you eating an apple, show him the leftovers of the apple, take DNA test and proving that actualy there is your secrete on the apple. EVEN THEN this 3-rd person might be stubborn enough and wont agree that you ate that apple.

Now…imagine then… how many people understood blood cells…DNA…bacteria…germs…infections…the list is long.

And now tell me is it funny when someone tells you that there used to be a ‘curse brought by God’ to punish us for our sins.

Those curses in the common world have names - Aids, cancer, malaria,small pox etc etc.

I’m amused now.


LOL… There is a big difference from science not having the exact answers (as this is impossible due to the uncertainty principle) to it being entirely wrong, hehe… It’s entirely possible, though extremely unlikely, that the universe is only 6 billions years old, though that would be chocking for the scientific society, it’s still about 6 billion years off from what is just guessed by the scholars 2-3 thousand years ago, hehe… The difference between scientific theory and biblical theory is that biblical theory can be scientifically disproved using household objects, not really comparable to a faulty GPS in a billion dollar machine fooling some random Italian doctorates that a few neutrinos one time in 50 experiments traveled faster than light… ;D

No scientist calculate the earth to be 13 billion years, it’s calculated to be about 4.5 billion years. And it’s not guesswork, it’s math and physics. Disproving it is like trying to disprove 1+1 is something else than 2. ;D

The curvature of the earth can easily be seen from any low hill and an example on how people actually knew how the universe worked as early as thousands of years ago it the Mesoamerican Calendar. That’s pretty cool as it’s based, not only on planetary movement in out solar system, but also the movement of the Milky-way galaxy in relation to our surrounding galaxies. The circumference of the earth was also calculated over 2.000 years ago by some random Egyptian guy, well, the first guy we know of doing that, but he didn’t do that and then understand the earth was round, he knew it (as did everybody else back then) and just wanted to know how big it was. So, basically; People never thought the earth was flat, that’s a myth. :smiley:

This is quite fascinating. We have some pretty hardcore Christians/believers in Sweden too, but you’ll never hear any of them not believing in Science. Stuff like creationism is basically unheard of outside the US. Even the catholic church recognizes the answers in cosmology, the age of the universe, the probability of the big bang, all that, though they claim a divine blueprint of it all…

I’d love to know which scientists stated this; the earth is about 5 billion years old and it took hundreds of millions of years for the earth to cool sufficiently for life to begin to develop.

Examples of what has been leaked isn’t proof a secret would be leaked. There is evidence in many governments that there are secrets and that they are kept; I know both the UK and USA have official secrets acts and that after a number of years documents are released to the public.

We don’t know if all secrets are released - as they are still secret… Perhaps. :slight_smile:

I believe life exists on other planets in the universe. I don’t know if we have been visited and am not aware of any evidence that indicates we have been visited; that doesn’t mean, however, there is no evidence of visitation.

If we had the technology to observe developing intelligence (I’m sure that makes 'em laugh, presuming they have a sense of humour), would we visit? Pretty sure we would. Curiosity. Aliens don’t have to be anything like similar to us to make a decission to watch us.

If we had the technology to observe developing intelligence (I’m sure that makes
'em laugh, presuming they have a sense of humour), would we visit? Pretty sure
we would. Curiosity. Aliens don’t have to be anything like similar to us to make
a decission to watch us.

For all we know, we could be some kind of bacteria to them. The plot thickens.

Look how (at least the Great Pyramid) was built:

That means that J.F.Kennedy was really assassinated by that guy Lee Harvey Oswald and not by the CIA (the guy driving the car)?
All “conspiracies” is because some whisteblowers told what is going on in that field. And when you read about is incredible the suicides that follow their talking…

And the way they are released in USA where there are pages where all the lines are deleted with stripes of black ink.
Secrets are kept in the governments because if told they would be in jail and people would be asking their rights back.

Seems like a few in this thread may have watched too much ‘Conspiracy Theory’ on Tru TV and ‘Ancient Aliens’ on the History Channel. :slight_smile:

In terms on whether ET exists or not, even the top religious organizations will reply with ‘who knows’. Simply put, we don’t yet have the technology to obtain detailed images of exoplanets not to mention the technology needed to get there. The alleged UFO sightings throughout the years for one thing are also not helped by the fact that virtually all of the photos are blurry and out of focus.

Anyway, for the sake of seeing if this thread will eventually be locked, I will not go too far into religion. I will simply mention that there actually is a belief among many creationists that pre-flood civilization was highly advanced and could explain the remains of some of the constructions that some think could only have been done with alien technology.

I think that every relatively sane person should reply with ‘who knows’. But sanity is quite relevant aswell considering the current dinamic of the world we live in. :smiley: