some wicked quick help

can someone set up burp from their computer to computer which i am using. i will
give some info to help to help me out. Fuck its gonna be too sober day, like a f u work day.

someone could have hacked to this computer in the time that my post have been up but no one has offered to help. Well it aint my computer so y can mess with it,

its too boring day, i think i got to burn this comp too. last night i burned one 1,7 gighz comp just by taking a fan out. shit i have lousy fun

are you ok, man? You are not making much sense.

i am fine, thanks for asking. Sober now.

so uhh what help do u need??

right now i need to know how to get a message do ultimate spam

how can text be made to binary, i have linux

someone who sucks at machine code, pm me