Some WIP thingy

(LohnS) #1

i really don’t know what to call this thing. But it s very WIP, still got to give him a nose, ears, many many more wrinkles etc.

Comments wecome =)

(sten) #2

very cool dude…looking forward to see it finished :slight_smile:


(acasto) #3

hmmmmmm…well, even though it is timid looking and smiling (kind’ve) it scares the crap out of me. :frowning: It looks like my grandpa, only half bird, half bear, half alien, oops…that equals 1.5. Well, whatever it is it look really good. Can’t wait to see it finished.

(LohnS) #4

added about 5 min of worlk onto it, just some oversised teeth and a bit more of a neutral look.

(LohnS) #5

ok last 10 min update i promise, i rekon his head is almost finished. I always just add little detailes here and there though.

btw any1 have any idea’s on what i should do for a scene to put this guy in. And any texturing tips/links. Human texturing is not my forte =P.

(BgDM) #6

Nice work, but isn’t that from a tute by some guy on CGTalk? I think it was done for Maya. Definitley seen it before.

Very well done in Blender though.


(LohnS) #7

yeah like that dinophant thing i made a while ago it was based on a tutorial. I’m pretty new to organic modelling, did a lot of other stuff so i thought i’d give organic stuff try and get my skills up in it. so i check out how ppl make heads in their way and i give it a try with that method.

and when i start this course in 2d/3d animation i might be able to draw up some of my own concepts aswell =)

(Bapsis) #8

Very nice modeling!!! He looks very friendly tho, you ment for this? I think he would look better with an snarl, GRRRAARRRR!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(overextrude) #9

Very nice work. I’d picture something like this standing next to the entrance of (perhaps guarding), or inside a small cave tucked away in a swamp or forest somewhere. Or, maybe in an older structure that conveys “dungeon”.

(LohnS) #10

ok another update, thanx for the commetns every1.

i made him look a bit more angy with some lowered eyebrows, sharp teeth and a snarl. Then islapped on a basic terxture just to get an idea on how this guy will look.

ovedrextruded: for ages i was trying to think of what scene to put this guy in, thanx for the idea’s, i rekon i’ll take up on the dungeon guard thing.

(S68) #11


like the teeth :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #12

WOW NEO! Coming along very nicely.

They eyebrow portion looks a little off to me though. Seems to stick out too far. Other than that, this is great.

I have that tute bookmarked on my machine at home. How was it for follow through, fairly easy to follow?


(blengine) #13

wow really really nice! it has alot of realism to it, though the content is fantasy =)

(shibbydude) #14

I like the friendlyness. If you could add some facial hair it would really improve the overall feel. Nice job!

(DreamMaster) #15

I love it! I love its expression, even though they said it looks like it is very timid… I think it’s very cute. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see more of your work since it is only WIP! :slight_smile:

(LohnS) #16

yeha i gave him a snarl etc but the eyes i can’t get to look angry, but yeah that look i like =)

oh btw i’m making a tutorial on it so i should have that done in the next 8 hours, i’ll post in when i get it done

(stephen2002) #17

there seems to be a few problems with the geometry.

  1. The eyes are recessed. You can see the shadowing in the space between the eye and the eye lid.

  2. There are some intersection points between the skin of the lip and the teeth. OUCH!

(LohnS) #18

yeah a lot of faults in that guy, i’m not to experienced in the ogranic side of things, hmmm, why am i writing a tutorial on it lol. anyway will be fixed soon, thanx for the comments =).

(rixtr66) #19

nice modelling,the texturing is nice too. is that you i see reflected in the eyes? nice touch!