some wireframe questions

I had a couple of questions about viewing in wireframe. Is there any way to hide the parts of the model that are backfacing, I find that being able to view the whole wireframe is distracting. Also, hidden geometry still shows up in wireframe, is there any way to get rid of that as well? Is there a way to render wireframes?

Welcome to Blender!

To hide backfaces in Edit mode, you have to switch to solid or textured view, and then click the Hide Backface button on the header…next to the Face Select button. See UserManual 3D View for more info.

Hidden in Blender is selecting something in Edit mode and pressing H. Outside of edit mode, in object mode, the full object is shown. I dont know of a way to hide like half of a mesh from object mode.

To render wireframe, simply click the Render View button, or set the material to Wire. See the Material section of the User Manual.

Is there no way to hide backfacing wires in wireframe? I just found alt b and that seems to help though.

are you asking when a) editing an object, b) when viewing an object in your 3D View, or c) when rendering an image of the object?

when editing