some works form Wayne

sell seeing as im going to school here soon i need to up my drawing skill and
ive started and ide like some comments on what you htink about it
please forgive the quality of the picture the scanner i have is rather old

and there rather large ill try to scale them down in a bit

c&c welcomed

no one has anything to say about the art this isant the buddy comics i draw this is normal

is the pictures to big or do they not show up right?

im just wondering i was looking for comments on it thats all

i cant get to the pics, 404 only.

i appoligise

googlepages is haveing some kidna bug with some users and im one of htem so i cant upload them there ill put them somewhere else though

try this the pics should be here and maybe a bit smaller

ah yes, lol, ok have once before seen them but this time the links didn’t work, ok iyou are 19 Y.O. i don’t know when you started drawing and if you have learned drawing “under someones hands” so my opinion is they arent that bad :wink:

btw you might be interested into some tutorials @

i kicked it up a bit here cause im going to the art institute of pittsburg here in january for game art and design and it need good drawing skills

so im just seeing what others think of what i can do so far

Thanks for the link Thast bery helpful lots of good info to help me out