Some Worthy Wallpaper

feel free to download or whatever. You can critique if you like, i just thought i’d get some feedback.

None of these took more than 15 minutes to compose it was just the materials/compositing that took a while.


The one that’s really interesting is the middle one. How did you achieve such an effect?

If you’re speaking of the one with all the colors, it is composed of a set of icospheres with a few variations on a “halo” material. The most effective parameters being “extreme alpha” option and the “lines” value.

I can post the blend if you would like, it literally takes seconds to render

Ah nice, if you want you can post it, but once you said icosphere I see clearly how you did it.

Looks beautiful, good job :slight_smile: While the other two are nice, the effect is overdone. Try adding an indoor HDRi map on the first one. It’s a nice render, but the half spheres throw it off.

Thanks, i’ll try it.

I’m using the funky one on my Nexus 1. Like it very much!