Somebody destroy, the home page in italy!!!

Somebody have destroy!!! :frowning: :frowning: :expressionless: :expressionless:

I hope that is not the truth!
the webamster from says
“personalmente mi dissocio da queste accuse e invito a non puntare il dito contro qualcuno se non si hanno prove”
that mens about
“i dissociate myself from this accusations and i ask you not to blame someone if you can’t prove anything”
(gramaticals corrections are welcome!!!)

Anyway now i’m a bit uncertain about becoming member of that site or not… this is simply absurd.
P.s i’m italian…

Sorry, I did not want to accuse nobody! :frowning: :expressionless:

The point is that those two sites were “in war” yet, before this happened!
That is absurd.
They said that two community were too much. And “mine is better than yours” and such stuff… i hate those things.
And this is why people of the other forum were accused.
Looks like a nursery school!!
Asilo nidoooo!!!

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Ai, ai, ai. Italians and their mafia-mentality %|

No need to offend, italians are millions, millons believing, millions mentalities.

Yes. Well. I was generalizing in a (intended) humorous way :wink:

italians are a bit touchy :wink:

I cant say I’ve ever tried to touch an Italian :wink:

You mean Italians are real??? :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

I guess so…
BTW welcome 6^0//,3

the guilt isn’t of,there was an incomprehension.
now,it’s OK,but we must know who the guilty was.

bellorum said:
Ai, ai, ai. Italians and their mafia-mentality


eheh… :Z
well I guess italians is just the name of the cast of the sopranos :wink:

Actually I’m not italian at 100%, I’m Dutch for a half :smiley: but I’m saying this just because Blender is from NL too. (read: i like italy, italians and I hate mafia).

What I wanted to say in the homepage of was that there was no motivation to accuse another italian community of the attack even if there was an “hot” thread on both forums talking one about the othere and vice versa.

The topic wasn’t “i’m better than you” but was started from a question of a user that wasn’t able to understand why the 2 communities were ignoring each other…

now is again online and I’ve received also some help and tips from users of Kino3d (the other community) so, imho, we can say the word “end” to the question!

happy blending :slight_smile:


Uhm. About “mine is better”, there is a thread when they said this, exactely!
Italian, of course.
Shure that kino is a very good and experienced site, but i dont’ agree with this kind of air of superiority, and competing instead of cooperating.
Anyway i’m not a memeber of the two sites, by now, so tath’s their own business. Hope they give up this kind of attitude.
I’m only a bit disappointed. And not surprised if someon says (or thinks)
“italians and their mafia-mentality”



Ah, ma sei “quel” Giovanni…

Errata corrige: now i’m a member of…