Somebody going to Graph Expo?

Hi everyone!

Im new here, Patty from San Diego California, and I want to share this event Im attending wih you :slight_smile:

"This year the world’s Graphic Communications Industry will convene in the largest print market in the world to rejuvenate, energize and find the trending business solutions and exciting new profit opportunities.

At the “Refresh” themed GRAPH EXPO 16, spanning the realms of Print, Online and Mobile, visitors will experience the full spectrum of equipment, products and services".

somebody interested? :slight_smile:

here’s more information:


date: sept 25-28, 2016

where: Orange country convention center

cost: from $30 to $ 999

transportation: GRAPH EXPO 16 offers free transportation from every hotel in the 2016 hotel block, except those noted as being in walking distance, to the Orange County Convention Center—North at 15-20 minute intervals in the morning, and from the Orange County Convention Center—North back to the hotels each afternoon. There will be other airport shuttle agencies as well.